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Coaching: Self-empowerment

Erna Oldenboom has built up a wealth of understanding about empowerment and mindfulness through various projects that she has worked on and is always open to sharing this knowledge with her clients.

Erna focuses on helping people to do what they want to do, and on what each individual person feels is essential for them.  She does this by helping people to create space within themselves so that they can experience the wonder of opening up to new perspectives, fresh ideas and see ‘the bigger picture’.

People are often afraid of making wrong decisions and Erna encourages them to overcome this fear and see life as a dance – enjoy it, take some risks and have some trust.

In the words of Lee Iacocca, “Your legacy should be that you made it better than it was when you got it.”

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. ~ Aristotle