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Erna Baets Oldenboom

Erna is a specialist in creativity, health and transformation.  She creates tailor-made workshops to suit each client’s needs, based on her exceptional listening skills and intrinsic understanding of group interaction.

After completing a BA in Human Resources Management and an in-company MA in Organisational Design, Erna gained considerable experience and expertise in the fields of personal coaching, personal development and organisational development.  Corporate experience at a number of multinational companies made her realise that personal development is highly multi-disciplinary and motivated her to broaden her horizons.

Erna began this journey by training to be an Ayurvedic massage therapist and then continued her education in Ayurveda and health management with Deepak Chopra.  Today she is a certified Creating Health Teacher of the Deepak Chopra Centre. 

She then obtained an MPhil in Political Sciences (Peace and Conflict Management) at the University of Granada in Spain, specializing in the use of non-violent communication and the impact that violent communication has on personal and individual development. She is also a Certificated Transformational Game Facilitator, a certified Reader and Healer and REIKI practitioner.

Today, Erna works and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.  She is a visiting professor of Leadership, Personal Development and Mind/ Body Medicine at various Business Schools. She offers specialised coaching and conducts corporate workshops focusing on leadership.  Her real passion is running workshops around health, the healthy organisation and holistic personal development, and each of these workshops can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha

The Cobra is the protector of the Buddha in us. It is the perfect metaphor for Erna’s work     focussing on the realignment of people with their emotions and feelings. We have developed strongly the left brain but for protecting the Buddha in us, the Cobra needs both sides: the beauty, majesty, intelligence, emotions, feelings and yes also the venom. Suppression of any of these will create a disbalance and ultimately an unhealthy person, an unhappy person and an underperforming person. Wholeness allows the diamant within us to shine.

Some of the recent courses and workshops that Erna was involved in include:

  • Leadership and sustainable performance.
  • Human Resources as a strategic partner.
  • Knowledge Management and Management Learning: from rational to non-rational forms of knowledge.
  • The biology of business.
  • Health, food, and personal responsibility.
  • Holistic (ayurvedic) medical views on organisations and personal performance.
  • Leadership in a changing environment.
  • Complexity and learning.